We believe that coordinated, collaborative (case) work provides more effective and sustainable answers to the complex local challenges of countering violent extremism.  

Policy documents and strategies of the past years have underlined the importance of multi-agency approaches in preventing and countering violent extremism. Such approaches are based on the idea that we need a variety of perspectives and professions to tackle the complex and quickly changing landscape of (violent) extremism. Many gaps remain in the support and training available to build these structures and foster the necessary cooperation.

icommit seeks to support local collaborative case work and professionalise practitioners‘ approaches working on distancing and deradicalisation of (violent) extremist offenders by:

  • enabling city-level teams to define their long-term action plans and help them reach their own goals through (phase-specific) training and mentoring
  • supporting practitioners in their intervention planning and communication of case progress
  • improving cooperation between security, policy, social workers and civil society to foster holistic case management for sustainable CVE work.
  • creating a network of experts in this field to support cities reaching their goals

What we do

The impact of violent right-wing and Islamist extremism is most palpable at the local level. Whether it is anti-government mobilisation or violent extremist attacks, cities and local communities typically face the brunt of response to such challenges.

To arrive at more informed decisions on how to jointly respond to the quickly changing landscapes of violent extremism, icommit develops tools and training courses to improve collaboration between stakeholders involved in disengagement and reintegration. 

Project partners

The icommit project consortium is composed of organisations with years of professional expertise in preventing and countering violence extremism, working with cities and local authorities and connecting stakeholders.  We combine our expertise in thorough academic work, hands-on implementation, training and building networks in order to work together on the project’s goals. 

European Forum for Urban Security

Created in 1987 under the auspices of the Council of Europe, Efus is the only European network of local and regional authorities that is dedicated to urban security.

Violence Prevention Network

Violence Prevention Network is a practitioner organisation with over 20 years of professional experience in prevention and deradicalisation of right-wing extremism and Islamist extremism.

modus | zad

modus | zad is the Berlin-based Centre for Applied Research on Deradicalisation.

University of Bucharest

The University of Bucharest with lead researcher Prof. Dr. Ioan Durnescu have thorough P/CVE research, evaluation, training and project experience, specifically related to risk assessment.